Tour One

The Wild West 

If you've never been to the west of Ireland before, this is where you want to start.  The Wild West Tour includes an eclectic mix of sights and will give you a good introduction to this part of the world. The sites on this tour include:

Lough Corrib - largest lake in Ireland
An ancient lake island with amazing healing energy

A prehistoric hill fort turned into a burial ground for unbaptized babies.  Local legend includes faerie and banshee stories and true stories of hauntings and misfortunes that have plagued those who disturbed this sacred area.

A 13th Century ruined abbey, best preserved ruin of its type in Ireland

Immense Castle - circa 1228, with optional boat trip, falconry lesson, picnic on the lake

A quaint, lovely village with loads of history and legend

7th Century Abbey
Forest and spooky caves, complete with eerie true stories

A Norman castle and surrounding woodland, with a hidden, moss-covered tomb

Choice of local pub for an evening pint