Tour Two

The Connemara Loop
This tour includes:

A long scenic drive through tiny, picturesque Irish villages, the magnificent scenery of Connemara National Park with its florescent green bogs, waterfalls, lakes and wild Connemara ponies

Tiny seaside village and tour of workshop where authentic Irish instruments are made.  Learn to play a tune, if you wish

The largest town in Connemara - for shopping and pubs, old railway station, horse shows (seasonal), designer boutique and shops filled with hand-woven woolens

Up a spiraling road toward the sky, high above the sea, to hidden by-ways revealing little-known, excellent photo ops and breath-taking views

Picturesque castle nestled between rocky cliffs and a lake, once owned by the Duke of Manchester; surrounding gardens can be toured alone for peaceful solitude

Small village, home to Ireland's only fjord, where "The Field" was filmed - a real wilderness outpost!  Outside town you can arrange for a helicopter ride or kayaking adventure.
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