I took the road less traveled by and that has made all the difference. -- Robert Frost

Do you dream of Ireland but think it is too far away, too expensive for your budget?  The Road Less Traveled Tours can make it all much easier and more affordable than you think. Keep reading to find out how. 

Perhaps you don't want to pay a few thousand to endure 8 AM departure times on a crowded bus to see packaged sights. Maybe you aren't crazy about the idea of paying a fortune for a rental car, insurance, and petrol to drive on the left side of roads as narrow as a super model's waist. You don't have to.  The Road Less Traveled offers private, personalized tours tailored to your specific tastes and requests.  Tour prices start as low as 100 Euros for a full day private tour. That's less than you'd pay if you rented a car and tried to do it yourself! Plus, these tours include sights and stories you'll never find in any tour book or on a packaged tour. 

These tours are a great idea if: 
You only have a few days to spend in Ireland, or
You want to sightsee and not worry about driving, or 
You want a personalized, affordable experience, or 
You just want a fabulous travel experience of the west of Ireland. 

Click on the tabs above for basic descriptions of prototypes.  But, remember, each tour is private and therefore designed to your specifications and with your particular interests in mind. Each tour can fill an entire day and evening.  Your desire and stamina determine how many sites can actually be seen. For added convenience, you can do just one tour, or combine all six for a full week.

Car service without tours is also available. Transportation to/from Galway, with full airport, bus or train connection assistance is provided. 
If you'd simply like help planning your itinerary, that's an easy option too. 

For complete, in-depth itineraries of our tours, prices and answers to any specific questions, please click on the 'Contact' tab, and make your dream of Ireland come true.